Multiple Services Performed by Mining Surveyors

Mining surveying demands mining surveyors that have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in geophysical and mining processes. Other than the knowledge and understanding of mine surveying, the right mining surveyors also possess the leading technology techniques and tools to make accurate explorations and closures every time and all the time.

Streamlining and optimising the various mining survey processes needs the right mining surveyors to make the job safe, fast, and coherent. The multiple mines and geophysical surveys performed by mining surveyors include:

The Site and Exploration Surveys

  • Extensive surface exploration drilling coverage
  • Provide boundary pegging projects for easement and lease
  • Provide surveys to include areas of existing infrastructures such as communications, power, and water
  • Use aerial imagery to be able to discover and map outcrops and geological structures of the location

Statutory Plans for Yearly cleaning Plans & Mine Plans

  • Validate the accuracy of survey control by providing declined developments re-surveys
  • Verify the presence of existing survey plans by conducting audits
  • Ensure compliance with current mine guidelines and regulations by performing survey standard quality checks
  • Ensure that the mine developments are in line with the government’s required standards

Overall Mining Survey Solutions

Opening a new mine needs surveys and set-up processes that conform to legal regulations. Hiring the services of experienced and reputable mining surveyors earns the following benefits:

  • Gain a whole survey team from junior surveyors, senior surveyors, and all needed manpower
  • Pay only a yearly fee for using all the necessary equipment to open and manage the new mine
  • Help with all the procedures, systems, and processes of setting up a new mine

Geotechnical Monitoring

Geotechnical monitoring provides the following benefits:

  • Provide structural monitoring for mine site structures such as headframes, crushers, and more
  • Perform in-depth analysis using the point cloud systems
  • Assist geotechnical engineers with their as-built plans by providing scanned pits info

Provide survey training for your team

Mining surveyor firms offer survey training programs, to include:

  • Train your entire team/group or individuals
  • Train your team the proper procedures of using the systems and equipment
  • Provide experienced surveyors to properly put up the various mining procedures and systems
  • Provide an efficient way to optimise and streamline all your mining processes
  • Supply you with an assessment overview including shortfalls

Network Analysis & Control Surveys

The best way to verify existing survey plans is to have a mining surveyor conduct an audit. A registered and experienced mining surveyor is the only expert that is lawfully allowed to perform the audit.

The advantages of having network analysis and control surveys performed by a certified mining surveyor include:

  • Use the right equipment to create a coordinated mine datum to the site from a local mine
  • Perform survey standard quality checks to ensure compliance with current mine guidelines and regulations
  • Document all the results of re-surveys of declined developments as a way to ensure that the current required standards are complied with.

A successful mine survey is the expected result when it is undertaken by experienced survey technicians and mine surveyors using the latest technology. Mining operations are effectively and efficiently move forward with the multiple mine services provided by professional mining surveyors. Surveyors at Work are specialist mining surveyors who can help you.