Types of metal fabrication

Fabrication is a process in which metal is the raw material. It is manipulated into a variety of shapes and designs through various fabrication processes. These processes would involve citing, welding and pounding the metal into different shapes and designs to build a variety of equipment. Be it something as simple as a kitchen appliances to humongous structures sued for building air crafts etc.

Different kind of fabrication processes

The following are some of the most common types of metal fabrication from Rose Valley Steel Works:


These days’ fabricators employ a variety of cutting techniques. Initially cutting could only be done with the help of a metallic saw. These days different equipment is used for cutting the sheets of metals into different shapes. These days cutting is done though the laser, water jet and plasma processes. Each of these cutting methods have a cost which depends upon the complexity of each of these processes.


When the metal sheets are required to be bent into a different shape, the process of folding is used. The brake press is used to bend the metal sheets. The dice in the break press causes lines to appear on the sheets and allows a crease to form onto it. The metal is then folded following the pattern of the crease. Folding though is a process which isn’t commonly used in the fabrication process. It is only used for specific purposes.


Machining refers to the process of removing the metal from the sheet. It’s a process which is carried out with the help of a special metal drill. The tool rotates in a certain direction while the sheet of the metal remains fixed in one position. This slowly allows the metal to be extracted out of the sheet.


Punching is a technique which makes use of a punch and a die. The die cuts out the piece of metal while the punch drills a hole into the sheet. It is necessary for the punch and die to be of the same size as the hoe. The holes can be drilled for fastening purposes r sometimes the sheet of metal which is cut is the required product.


Stamping is somewhat similar to the process of punching. However, unlike punching stamping doesn’t require a cut to be made into the metal sheet. The die is used in such a way that it causes the piece of metal to rise slightly instead of allowing the die to penetrate the metal.


Welding is the process in which two pieces of a metal sheet are joined together to form a definitive structure. Different welding method are employed for designing different structures.

While these are just a few of the metal fabrication processes which are commonly used, these are by no means an exhaustive list. Each day new innovations take place in the industry. Every time a new method is introduced, fabricators make sure that they have the machinery and the tools for employing that method. Make sure you hire the right metal fabrication services.