What are commercial kitchen supplies, and what are their types?

Commercial kitchen supplies, also known as small wares, include everything needed to maintain a commercial kitchen going beyond large-scale equipment. Commercial kitchen supplies can be as simple as commercial vacuum cleaners or as complex as complete plumbing and electrical systems. Some of the more common commercial kitchen supplies used by professional chefs and cooks are commercial kitchen knives, electric grills, commercial ovens, and cookware, including stainless steel and cast iron cookware. These extensive industrial-strength kitchen tools and appliances are necessary for everyday use in the kitchen.

Types of  commercial kitchen supplies

Cooking knives, however, are considered commercial kitchen supplies and require licensing to purchase. Many commercial kitchen supplies also contain non-toxic ingredients, designed to minimise chemical exposure when handling toxic chemicals. These knives’ popular brands include administered knives, safety knives, and special-shaped knives with dull blades. Other commercial kitchen supplies include skillets, frying pans, frying sheets, deep-frying pans, pots, pans, and baking sheets. Electric grills and fryers are also necessary pieces of commercial kitchen supplies to prepare many food items safely. These grills are available with basic or advanced heat settings, giving users more control over their cooking experience. Electric grills and fryers can also be customised to include burners and burn plates and have separate cycles for baking and cooking. Some advanced models allow users to cook with charcoal or gas burners.

Importance of  commercial kitchen supplies

Other types of kitchen supplies used in the foodservice industry are thermometers, including handheld and wall-mounted models. These kitchen equipment pieces are essential pieces of equipment that help measure and monitor the temperature of food. Thermometers can be purchased at many home improvement stores, home appliances, department stores, and large department stores. Thermometers come in different styles and designs and come in a variety of weights. Another group of commercial kitchen supplies used by the chef or cooks in the foodservice industry is oven mitts. Cookware such as stainless steel cutlery and copper pots and pans must properly heat and cook food. The use of oven mitts is essential for preventing food from becoming damaged when hot objects are placed on the glove.

Commercial stainless steel pans and pots are used extensively in food service operations. These are popular due to their durable design and remarkable ability to conduct heat. Commercial stainless steel cookware offers excellent performance and maintains the food’s nutritional value. Nonstick pans are also a popular choice for foodservice operations, as they require little clean-up after use. Nonstick pans can also save time when preparing delicate foods, especially in a hospital or medical setting.

Commercial kitchen supplies are essential for preparing meals at a medical or institutional foodservice operation. The first thing a patient will see in any institution is the food prepared by staff. This means that every dish prepared will need to be sanitised and thoroughly cooked to ensure proper nutrition. Sanitisable dishes and utensils may also be required for drinking water, cleaning up spills, and more. Clean dishes are also essential to prevent cross-contamination between patients and staff. Commercial kitchen equipment can range from small appliances to massive machines. For most small kitchen owners and operators, purchasing an efficient small fryer and grinder can significantly improve food preparation time. While larger commercial kitchen suppliers may only carry the heavy-duty machinery that a restaurant needs, some suppliers, like MVO Catering Equipment, only specialise in commercial kitchen supplies. These suppliers have extensive commercial-grade equipment that larger companies cannot afford. These specialised suppliers can also provide services such as design and customisation to meet any kitchen size or style.