The Renewable Energy Generators of Australia’s main objective is to provide support, and a voice for the renewable energy industries, as well as encouraging the development of renewable energies.  The common purpose of this association of organisations is the development of electricity from pure renewable resources.  We represent all sectors, suppliers, developers and industry specialist in the renewable energy industry.

A few of the environmental issues that can benefit from the renewable energies industries are the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water management and water conservation.  Another significant interest of Rega members is regarding the use of water for electricity generation.  Climate Change also rank high up on the environmental issues ladder.

The initiation and coordination of research, aiding in policy development, is still one of Rega’s objectives.  The environment industry has the capacity to generate employment, capture market opportunities, and make businesses more efficient through producing less waste and using fewer resources.  Eventually, this will improve the quality of the environment.

The renewable industry has a competitive advantage based on diversity in skills, knowledge and an engineering foundation.  The industry proves to be strategically important because it cuts across almost all sectors of the economy.  It also provides sustainable development objectives in the renewable energy areas.