Environmental Corrosion

Environmental Corrosion, caused by human and nature, affects all survival, human and natures.  Can we balance it again?

Our natural environment has changed a lot, especially over the last few decades, because of human activities.  We are always developing more buildings, more technologies, more chemicals, more fuels, more ways to travel, more of everything to make our lives supposedly easier.  In the direct opposite respect, there then are less natural, clean, healthy spaces.

Nature works in specific, set, cycles.  The seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter always follows the same pattern.  Precipitation, but because of human activities, the water that the sun turns into clouds is not clean anymore.  Photosynthesis, but less oxygen is produced through this process, because of diminished natural growth, that is plants and trees.

Following is a few speeches, made over time, to try to enlighten people and governments, to the dire straits we’re falling into.


Leonardo DiCaprio’s message regarding, Global Warming, calling all peoples to action in turning this around.


This is an excuse for wasting nature, and a call to find solutions for stopping detrimental activities.  To save the environment we have o work together.


The impact humans have on our planet with ineffective waste management and factories not managing their chemical waste.


This is what is happening all over the world.


This teenage girl is calling all adults to action in changing our activities causing havoc in the natural environment.

We need to begin to understand the impending disasters that our actions are triggering by ignoring nature’s demand for respect.  Without making the effort to change, we might not have a functioning planet in near future.